Letter From Our Doctor
Dear Clients,                                                                                     May 27,  2020

As all Americans do, we have an active and essential role in the health of our nation. To keep America healthy, we must start with a solid foundation.  It is critical that we monitor and understand what our Federal and State Governments need us to do to abate this horrible disease.  ABC Animal Clinic and Hospital is essential to many families and the care of their family pets across the metroplex.  During this health crisis, we have employed many safety steps to keep your family and our families healthy and safe.  We do not see these steps as an inconvenience, but as a necessity to continue to serve our families and patients in good faith.  For more than 25 years, my staff and I have served the needs of our community to the best of our abilities, and we are not looking to change that anytime in the near future.  Although, the new policies of conducting business may not suit the wishes or needs of every client, we will stay in lock down for an extended amount of time, while we wait until this virus is understood more.  We may, over time, implement ways of conducting business that reflect some of our past practice interactions.   However, our current policies were put in place from day one to protect everyone, and out of precaution will remain in place beyond their need.  As Government officials do their best to keep society healthy both physically and financially, we will be slow to let our guard down.  We are, we have been, and we will continue to be an essential service.  We are excellent at crisis management but our focus is to excel at crisis prevention.  Please take your own precautions to stay healthy and safe during this time of uncertainty.


Dr. Roger Snodgrass, DVM